On "Hacker" "News"

Show HN: I built a progressive REST-full Bayesian Zettelkastel Kubernetes cluster for AI in Rust and Vue.js

Le orange site is… le bad!

Do you like blog posts written by literally whos? Do you like blatant shilling of new™ and revolutionary™ web frameworks (that nobody will use)? Do you like seeing random employees of Big Tech companies try to damage control? Do you like random history and science trivia? Do you like reading about American politics? Do you like reading about European politics (as presented by Americans)? Do you like reading comments written by people disconnected from the world outside the San Francisco Bay Area?

Then congratulations, "Hacker" "News" is perfect for you, you absolute intellectual amoeba. I hope you're proud of yourself.

Figure 1: An internet fries his brain in order to wage harder

"B-But I like HN!"

I'm not investing in your startup, go away. I'm also not interested in learning Rust, thank you very much.

Cool bear's hot tip: Nobody gives a shit.

Any alternatives?

None, they're all crap. However, if you insist, you might want to try…

n-gate (RIP)

Business model: Uber for "Hacker" "News". Annotated summary of links and comments published on "Hacker" "News", as well as annual FOSSDEM panels. Great for scooping up some of the better(?) content posted on HM, while simultaneously laughing at its users.

As of 2022-07-21 appears to be dead, with the last update published on 2021-08-14. Jesus wept.


Basically HN, but without non-tech submissions and 99% of the userbase.


Wew lad. Slightly less worse, despite all the shills, bots, and power freaks that infest it. Use /r/tech instead of /r/technology. /r/unixporn is nice from time to time, otherwise screencaps of the same 3 tiling window managers get boring really fast.


Self-hosted link aggregator site (Reddit clone) based on ActivityPub. Be wary, main devs and power users are raging tankies. You're probably better off finding a more open 3rd-party instance, or running your own for a small community of like-minded autists.


Just straight up tech news and occasional benchmarks of new distro and kernel releases. Avoid reading comments under any article about GNOME, Wayland or systemd.


Install Gentoo. Technology discussed by poseurs who think that installing Arch Linux on a second-hand ThinkPad is the key to instant enlightenment. Even so, it's still possible to find nuggets of gold under the piles of shit threads, including discussion of relevant tech news.

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